Your Guide to the Psychology of Colour when Choosing Your Staff Uniforms

Workplace uniforms have become more common nowadays, and if you think uniforms are just for firefighters, police officers, work crews, and the like, think again. Even an office environment can benefit from a workplace uniform, and although the uniforms in such environments may often consist of trousers or a skirt and a blazer with embroidery, they are still effective uniforms, nonetheless. Restaurants and dining establishments have made use of uniforms for years, and airlines and hotels have uniforms as well. But if you are planning to have uniforms for your own staff, what colour should you choose? Of course, you can always go for the colours of your logo, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this. The colours you select for your staff uniforms can make a world of difference. Here, then, is your guide to the psychology of colour when choosing your staff uniforms.

  • Red

The colour red is often associated with vibrant energy and passion and positivity as well. Red undoubtedly grabs peoples’ attention, and it can stimulate a person into action. It is a confident colour. Studies have shown that the colour can also affect a person’s appetite, and this is why many restaurants use red as well. But red is also an aggressive colour; you would need to even it out with another, more calming colour, such as blue. Red is used by many iconic corporations, such as Virgin Airlines and Emirates Airlines, and if you have a dining establishment and want to enhance your diners’ appetites, red is a good choice.

  • Green

Green is associated with nature and the earth, and as such, it often relates to growth and healing, balance, calmness, and vitality. Green is also a great colour when it comes to understanding and listening, and this is why it is often used in hospitals and other medical settings, or spas and health centres. Green is also an excellent colour for the outdoors, and it works well for gardening and landscaping businesses, farms, zoos, and veterinarians.

  • Blue

The colour blue can easily represent relaxation, trust, stability, reliability, and loyalty, and it is definitely one of the most popular colours used for uniforms, as confirmed by Manchester t-shirt printing specialists from Garment Printing. Blue is also an understated colour which doesn’t demand too much attention, and it’s a perfect colour for people who work in trades such as electricians, mechanics, and plumbers. Blue establishes trust, and it also works for corporate environments. Nursing and care home staff wear blue as a matter of course, and so do bank personnel and beauty salon personnel.

  • Yellow

The positivity of the colour yellow cannot be denied – it represents enthusiasm, optimism, hope, cheerfulness, friendliness, and creativity. The response to the colour yellow is always strong, and this may be one reason why many charity organisations use it. Businesses involved in child care and educational development also use yellow a lot for their uniforms, and for good reason.

  • Black

Black is a tricky yet impactful colour, as it can be seen as oppressive and negative as well as stylish, elegant, and glamorous. Black is also associated with control, authority, and security, and despite its seemingly negative connotation, it’s still a popular choice of uniform colour. Black is used by industries involved in protection and security, and you’ll often see it in police uniforms and security guards, but you will also see it used a lot in the corporate sector as well as the retail sector for a more polished, sleeker, and dignified look.

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