Plant Hire Companies: The Best

The plant hire sector is an extremely competitive one. Throughout the UK there are several high profile companies that offer a plant hire service that provides customers with a high standard of customer service experience, quality of plant and machinery, and delivery of the latest technology and standards, all on a consistent basis. What is it that makes these plant hire companies stand out from the crowd? If you are responsible for the procurement of machinery and equipment for large-scale projects where plant hire is an option, what should you be looking for in a plant hire company to ensure you are signing up to the best package for your specific needs and budgets?

The first thing to consider is the choice of plant available to you. Depending on the sector you are working within, whether construction, large-scale engineering, energy, housing, or other niche sectors, you’ll have very specific needs. Sometimes you’ll need a compact excavator that can squeeze into a tight space and still work effectively, other times you’ll need forklifts, compact rollers or large machinery to help construct the framework for tall buildings and complex highways. A good plant hire company will provide you with access to a large, modern fleet that gives you the flexibility to have the right tools at all times, no matter what project you are working on at the time.

The second aspect to consider is whether the plant hire company offers delivery on a nationwide basis. For certain projects and sectors, the need for plant hire will be in remote locations, or areas of the country that are difficult to access. With this in mind, a highly reputable plant hire company will likely have a range of depots located throughout the country. This ensures that should a customer get in contact about the need for a specific piece of machinery in Cornwall, Dundee, or anywhere else in between, they can have access to it within 24-48 hours. This should ideally also include delivery to the site.

The last thing to consider when choosing which plant hire company to work with is to look at the reputation they have for maintenance, repairs and ideology when related to health and safety standards. The last thing you want on site is for your plant hire to break down. This could potentially cause an accident or injury, downtime that stops productivity, increase timescales and expands budgets. An honest plant hire company will conduct thorough checks of all machinery prior to delivery, utilising the latest technology to ensure health and safety standards are high, and should there be a breakdown, replace or repair immediately to minimise downtime on your site.

If all of these boxes are checked you are looking at one of the leading plant hire companies in the country. It ensures that you have the foundation from which to complete the project you are working on, utilising the very latest technology in plant hire to produce effective results whilst adhering to strict health and safety regulations.

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