Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Shredding Company

Maintaining your client’s information or your confidential business information in a secure way is extremely important otherwise this can put your business in risk. Remember that storing the documents which contains your important information in an unsecured place can lead to data breach sometimes. In order to avoid such instances what you can do is scan the documents and store your digital information in a secured place. Once you are done with scanning you can choose shredding to destroy your physical documents in a secure way.

There are so many companies that are offering the document shredding services at a very affordable cost. All you have to do is choose one good company from that list who can provide you more secured services at an affordable cost. Remember that not all the document shredding companies provide you secured and affordable services to their clients. Hence, you have to be a little careful when choosing a document shredding company. Don’t know how to choose a documents shredding company? Don’t worry! Ask the below mentioned questions before hiring a document shredding company if you are looking for more secured and affordable services.

  • Do you offer both On-site and off-site shredding services?

Documents shredding services is of 2 types and they are on-site shredding and off-site shredding services. When you choose on-site shredding services your documents will be shredded before the truck leaves. When it comes to off-site shredding services, they will carry your documents for shredding to their place.

  • Are you NAID AAA certified?

It is recommended to choose a AAA certified company from NAID. Remember that, not all the document shredding companies are AAA certified. Hence, make sure that you check the details of the company properly before hiring them.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

Make sure that you check with the documents shredding company about the hidden charges like fuel surcharges, stop fees and etc to avoid unnecessary confusions later. There are few companies which quote you a very low price at the beginning but when you look at the final bill there may be a huge variance and that is because of the hidden charges.

Data Shredding Services (DSS) is one of the leading document shredding service providers in Houston. Trust me their document shredding services Houston have a great demand in Texas. Moreover, they provide their services charging a very reasonable amount from their clients.

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