Copper Plumbing Tube

Copper Tube has been traditionally used for plumbing needs. There are different grades and types of copper that can be used for plumbing. The natural anticorrosive properties make copper suitable for water lines. Also copper is less reactive to elements in water. So the water stays without contamination. There different types of copper such as the K and L types. The K type is mostly used for high pressure water lines. Considering the cost, the M type is used indoors. Apart from the types, there are grades of copper that are used as well. There are copper alloys and pure copper tube types. The pure copper is used in systems that are sensitive and circulate water. The copper materials are electrically conductive. So the usage is mostly seen in electrical systems. The copper material is also used in boilers and heat exchangers due to the high thermal conductivity of the material.

There are special grades of copper that are used for specific purposes. The medical copper tube is such a special case used for medical gas pipe lines and equipment associated with medical use. Depending of the application requirement, the different grades could be used. Although copper has very high corrosion resistance, it is not stronger than the steel pipes. To address this nickel and silver alloys are used in structural applications. The copper tubing prices therefore fluctuate. The prices depend on the grade of the copper tube, the diameter, the wall thickness and the type of the pipe as well.

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