Ask These 10 Questions Before Selecting A Call Answering Service!

Small businesses and growing enterprises need to find a way to enhance operational functionality, and outsourcing some of the key business ‘chores’ is a great start in that direction. When it comes to managing business calls, having a team of in-house receptionists can be an expensive affair, and even more importantly, you will have to spend considerable time and effort in managing the team. Outsourcing the task to a call answering service like is certainly a good idea, and in this post, we will talk about 10 questions you need to ask.

  1. Do you work around the clock? The whole purpose of having a call answering service is to ensure that no call is ever missed, and therefore, you need a company that works 24×7 and on weekends and holidays.
  2. Do you have flexible packages? If you are expecting 25 calls a month, you don’t want to pay the same price as a company that’s expecting more than 100 calls a month. As such, flexible packages are important.
  3. Do you offer a trial period? While call answering services do have a trial period, at least in most cases, you need to try their services for at least a week before you can take the call. Make sure that you get full-services during trial.

  1. Do you have an in-house team? The best companies hire in-house receptionists, who are further trained for the job, so you can expect them to accept scripts from clients, make warm call transfers and take notes when the client’s team is not around to take calls.
  2. Do you deal in other languages? Besides English, you may want a call answering service to take calls from other language speakers, such as Spanish callers. While this is not a must, it’s an added advantage.
  3. Can we opt for a monthly subscription? By hiring such companies for answering calls, you are placing your brand’s value and trust in them, and it makes sense to go for a service that offers month-to-month subscription and doesn’t insist on long-term contracts.
  4. What’s the process of setup? Signing up with call answering services should be an easy task, and they should be able to guide you on how to simplify the process. To be more precise, you should be able to outsource easily.

Finally, don’t forget to ask for references. If a call answering service has been around for long, they will have enough clients.

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