3 Ways to Keep the Insider Threats Away from Your Company

Make the most of the following steps to determine, monitor and reduce the insider threat.

  1. Review and revise your IT security risks status

Before looking into the systems analysis and events, you need to review the security risk appetite. For instance, when working in a highly regulated sector like banking or healthcare, you may have a low appetite for security department. But when you review the appetite if facing a security incident, then you may need to look into it with a broader perspective. If you face a security failure, can you retain customers and gain new ones in any way?

  1. Review the insider threat detection systems

Imagine that your company boasts of high security, so you have minimal appetite for insider threats cases. Then, you need to assess the threat detection systems. For instance, you need to have a process to find unusual user activities, track and report on inactive users etc. if you cannot, then you may strive to put a halt on insider threats as you cannot detect such events when they take place. You can purchase an identity and access management software to look after such issues.

  1. Review your IT security training

After you have gained an idea on the status of your system, you need to look at the training offered to the personnel. You need to consider how important this is. Training helps in protecting your company from accidental insider threat like leaving a corporate laptop open in a public place. For managers, training conveys a message that everyone plays an important role in security, and not just limited to IT.

  1. Assess your insider threat strategy with HR

Apart from the IT department, you need to consider other stakeholders too. You need to include the HR in this process as well. Look into two processes: onboarding and offboarding. When new employees join the company, you may need to delineate all the security requirements while onboarding. For offboarding, many former employees may get impulsive and motivated to attack the company. For reducing the blow of a grumpy departing employee, you may need to implement a few methods. Begin by guaranteeing you a fair and humane process for bidding goodbye to the employees, entailing competitive severance payments if necessary. Secondly, establish a process to remove and deactivate all user accounts and access on their very last day.

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